Top 10 things to consider when looking for a web development company

Top 10 things to consider when looking for a web development company

Whether you’re a new business or want to upgrade your existing site, you’ve probably landed on this article because you are looking for a web development company that you can trust. We’ve outlined below the top 10 considerations you should think about when starting your search.

1. Quality

If you are paying a web development company to create your website, you will want it reflect your business. Your website is likely to be one of the first places a potential customer will see when they are looking for the service or product you offer. Therefore you wan to be confident it will give a great first impression.

At CW Marketing, we don’t create anything we wouldn’t be proud to showcase. We work closely with our clients to understand their design preferences and we always ensure anything that leaves our hands is completed to a suitably high standard.

2. Process

Every web development company will work to different processes, but it’s important to understand these to make sure they work well for you as it could be a game changer in how successful your project is.

At CW Marketing, we will always run through the web development process with you before any work is started. On a typical project, we start with an initial website meeting, then work on wireframes, designs which then go into development. To support the project we also offer copywriting, graphic design and SEO services to get your site finished in an appropriate time frame.

3. Price

Quotes for websites from web development companies can vary dramatically, and in most cases there is not a ‘one size fits all’ and costs will be bespoke. It’s good to understand the cheap from the ridiculous, and make sure you are getting value for money.

As a small agency who offer a very hands on and bespoke service that benefits from different experts in the fields of management, design, SEO and development we are able to offer custom WordPress websites from £2500.00 +VAT.

4. Reviews and case studies

In order to really understand if you are choosing the right company for the job, you should always take a look at their reviews. This will give you a good insight into how the web development company perform and how satisfied their clients are. You can always ask to speak to some of their customers!

A reliable web development company should also have a good amount of case studies on their site, this is likely to be a projection of their best work, so if you like what you see, you’re on the right path to making a decision.

Take a look at our case studies here and if you need more evidence on our web skills, why not see our Facebook reviews

5. Expertise

Has your chosen web development company got a heap of expertise in web development? You want to trust a company that’s done this before, and that has experience in other aspects of your website build. This may include a dedicated copywriter, project manager and SEO specialist.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got all of the above! Our team may be small but it consists of experienced marketeers who can assist you with every aspect of your website from start to finish, so it will run seamlessly.

6. Relationship

Having a good relationship with your web development company is key to getting your website done efficiently. Sometimes, choosing a large agency can mean your site is just one of many all happening at once, which could result in your project not receiving the attention it deserves. it may also mean you don’t have the flexibility to meet with your project manager at a time that suits you.

At CW Marketing, our team will only be dedicated to a handful of websites at one time, so can spend their time getting to know you and your business. The relaxed atmosphere at our office means you are more than welcome to visit and sit down with any member of our team to discuss your site.

7. Location

Is the web development company nearby? You may have found a company online which all looks well and good, but if there is no physical office you can go to it can become very tricky to communicate well.

Our office is situated on a rural business park just outside of Wimborne has onsite parking and is well located for Dorset based businesses to visit. Alternatively, we can come visit you or are always happy to have remote meetings via video conferencing platforms.

8. Time

It’s worth getting an estimated timeline of the web development project, as they may have a long turnaround or waiting list meaning your site won’t even be started for a few weeks. Ask this in your initial meeting.

Although every website is different, we try to stick to a website turnaround of 6-8 weeks (with the support of the client in the process).

9. Further support

Once your website is finished you need to consider the support your site and business will need afterwards. Does the web development company offer ongoing security of your site? Can they manage any future changes to the site or are you left to your own devices?

We believe in giving all our clients full access and training on their new website. Therefore you will be able to make regular minor amends or adding content / images. In terms of ongoing support, we can offer anything from one off tasks to a full monthly maintenance package for the website.

10. Results

You will want to see results from your site, whether that be increased traffic, leads or sales, so make sure you have a platform in place to do this. Google analytics is a good place to start, but any trusted web development company should be happy to supply reports on the performance of your new site when you want them.

Once you have a great new website, you will want to market the site and drive traffic to it! We can help with this. We offer monthly retained SEM (Search Engine Marketing) support packages which include content creation, keyword research, PPC campaigns, as well as email marketing, social media management and more. Read more about our retained packages here.

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