Is your business looking for a retained marketing agency Dorset?

Is your business looking for a retained marketing agency Dorset?

If you are reading this article then you’re probably here for 1 of a few reasons:

  1. Your business needs that extra push to get it off the ground
  2. You’re finding that your website enquiries are ‘plateauing’ and you need further traffic to your website
  3. Your business needs support from a marketing partner to help strategically plan and carry out your marketing

This is when a retained package with a marketing agency Dorset can help.

How can a retained package benefit my business?

Many of our retained clients have been with CW Marketing since the get go and have seen huge improvements in many aspects of their business.

The main benefits for your business when choosing a marketing agency Dorset include:

  • Allowing you more time to focus on your business and deal with your customers
  • Long term improvements rather than one off marketing actions
  • On-call partner to offer strategic advice and planning
  • Transparent and clear results
  • The ability to track your goals in a more efficient manner thanks to monthly reports and review meetings

What retained marketing support do CW Marketing offer?

Whether you are looking for a dedicated ‘Account Manager’ to take the pressure off you or just want help on a few specific marketing activities on a monthly basis, we can build a retained marketing package that suits your needs and budget.

As a marketing agency Dorset that works with all types of businesses, we offer variation and flexibility in our monthly packages. Our current retained offerings vary from £500 to £4000 a month and usually include some or all of the following:

How have CW Marketing helped some of their clients?

One of the retained clients we work with on a monthly basis is a Spanish Property company, they have seen around a 125% increase in both overall traffic and new traffic. This increase has been made possible by the onpage optimisation, directory submissions, article creation, online advertising, social media posting and achieving content on third party media such as A Place in the Sun.

Earlier in the year we also started working with a group of Dorset and Hampshire nature kindergartens. From an initial package to improve visitors to their open days, they are now using CW Marketing as their main marketing partner and are working on improving their rankings on Google through the use of article creation, increasing enrolments and supporting with recruitment as well as regular posting and advertising on Facebook.  

Read more about our client success stories here.

What will my relationship with CW Marketing be like?

As a well established and recommended marketing agency Dorset, we understand that no two retained clients are the same. We are a small, efficient team and always take time to get to know our clients. You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will work on the management and day-to-day tasks, however at CW Marketing we are fortunate enough to have a skilled in-house team including a web developer, graphic designer and SEO specialists.  This means your business’ marketing requirements can all be met under one roof!

Many clients find that having regular catch ups in our office is a great way to get things done away from their busy work environment, allowing them to really focus on their marketing for an hour or two, whether that’s to bounce ideas around or sign off work. Other clients prefer a more relaxed approach and find that a video call every now and then works for them.  We offer all clients a monthly review and planning meeting where we talk through the website report and figures, planning for coming months and KPI tracking.

You may already have someone in the business who looks after your marketing.  We have a few clients in this position and are very used to supporting those members of staff by offering more of the technical and strategic elements of the marketing plan.

We work with many platforms to streamline your marketing, which can be discussed depend on requirements and budgets.

We can support clients with the integration and management of CRMs such as Hubspot, which is a popular marketing tool for automation and lead nurturing. Get in touch to find out how Hubspot can benefit your business.  

Some of our retained clients have been with us for over 5 years and have seen huge growth in their business due to their commitment to a continued and varying marketing effort.

“We’ve been using CW Marketing for well over a year now and they have done a great job in improving our website, ranking us on Google and writing some great SEO content and Google PPC campaigns. We have seen a lot more enquiries coming in since we started working with CW Marketing and would highly recommend them!” - Simon, MVS Audio Visual

I’m interested! How do I arrange a meeting?

When a business is looking for a marketing agency Dorset for retained support, we always find it’s best to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements, budgets and long term goals. We can also run through how much ownership you would like to keep or give to us as your chosen agency. You can meet our team either at our office in Wimborne, or we are more than happy to come to you!

Get in touch with us today either via email here or give us a call on 01202 888200, we look forward to hearing from you!