How to optimise your digital marketing services over Christmas and into 2019

How to optimise your digital marketing services over Christmas and into 2019

Finishing the end of 2018 on a high will be every business owner’s goal, whether that’s picking up some extra sales before the Christmas period, going all out with a Boxing Day sale and smashing your targets, or getting some new clients to sign up to your services, every business will have its own objectives.

So with Christmas just around the corner, here are some last minute ways to boost the digital marketing services you already have in place.

Have a Christmas email at the ready

Keeping your business at the forefront of your customer’s mind is important - with so many businesses promoting their best deals, it can be easy to get pushed to the back of the queue.  

Whether your Christmas email is to simply thank your long-standing customers for their support over the year, to inform them of your opening hours, or tell them about your latest offers, sending this out with some clear calls to actions can make all the difference.

Based on industry standards, here are the average and recommended open rates for email campaigns:

  • Agriculture and Food Services - 23.12%

  • Business and Finance - 20.47%

  • Construction - 21%

  • E-commerce - 15.66%

  • Hobbies - 27.35%

Don’t forget to keep these in mind when you're analysing your results, simply amending your subject line when you do a re-send can have a dramatic effect on its performance. If we haven’t mentioned your industry above, click here for a full list.  

Keep your business and website up-to-date

A regularly updated website will not only put you in a better position on Google, but your customers will notice too. For example, if you offer your customers training sessions, but have only put dates up until November, someone may leave your website immediately, assuming you don’t have anything to suit their needs.

A Christmas banner on the homepage is a good way to direct people to the page you want to get the most visits to, for example, if you sell gift vouchers, direct people there - this could boost those last minute purchases before the big day.

It’s also wise to update your website with your opening hours over Christmas or last date for Christmas orders if you're an e-commerce business.

Give your customers what they want

There are going to be deals everywhere, and many businesses now release their Boxing Day offers days before Christmas, so if it’s the difference between your customers coming to you or going to one of your competitors, don’t you think it’s worth giving them what they want?

If you are not keen to offer a monetary discount on your products, then providing an additional incentive to purchase is a good way to go!

If your business is more service based rather than product based, you can introduce a new years discount for when everyone returns back to work in January.

Entice them with some 2019 sneak-peeks

We don’t mean to wish the days away, but keeping your customers interested for 2019 is essential.

Have you got a new service being launched or product being released? Use the time between Christmas and New Year to spark their interest. With many people being off work at this time, you have more chance to grab their attention via your social media channels.

Put a plan together

As the business owner, we’re sure you never 100% switch off, and although your business may be closed, the period in between Christmas and New Year will give you a chance to really think about what you want to get from 2019.

Here are a few things you can think about:

  • Re-assess your business goals, were they hit in 2018?

  • Is your website up to scratch? Could improvements be made?

  • Are you targeting the right people?

  • Set KPIs (key performance indicators) for 2019

  • How did your digital marketing services perform in 2018?

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